In June of 2017, I graduated from the University of Oregon (nostalgic and fearing the future) with a BA in Psychology, a BS in Business Administration, and zero clue what I wanted to do with either degree. However, I did have a pretty good clue about what I did not want to do: I did not want to get an entry-level job I hated; I did not want to sit in an office all day doing work I felt was superficial and/or meaningless; and, despite my concentration in Marketing, I did not want to spend my life playing on the insecurities of others in order to make a buck.

You see, I have always had the desire and motivation to better the lives of others, while simultaneously lacking any clear direction on where to focus my energies. A month before graduation, I made a plan. In a combined attempt to improve the lives of others, broaden my own horizons, and dodge the seemingly inevitable unfulfilling job-path that looked like the proper next step, I  applied to a program to Teach English as a Second Language in Thailand (through CIEE).

I lived in Surin, a Northeastern province of Thailand, from November 2017 to April 2018. I taught high school students on the weekdays and traveled the country over long weekends. I chronicled my adventures through a CIEE blog, and combined those blog posts with other pieces of writing I kept personally throughout my months in Thailand to create a blog of my own — this blog!

After traveling to Indonesia and Vietnam, I returned home to Portland, Oregon, USA in May of 2018 and immediately started planning my next adventure. After a summer and fall working at a brewery, I packed up again—this time with my boyfriend, Joey. We are now EPIK teachers, living in in the Jeollabuk-do Province of South Korea, he in Gimje and I in Muju.

This blog is a work in progress. It is pieces of my adventures, my struggles, my everyday life, my highs, and my lows, all coming together. Check out my journey so far!

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